Organization & Management

The UZGP is Nationally Implemented (NIM) project, in accordance with the National Implementation Manual, adopted in December 2004 by the Economic Relations Division (ERD), Ministry of Finance and UNDP. Under NIM modality project has following structure:

The National Project Director (NPD), the Additional Secretary of Local Government Division (LGD), leads the project. The NPD is assisted by a Joint Secretary, who is the project’s Focal Person from the LGD and by the National Project Manager provided by UNDP.

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) is chaired by the Secretary, LGD, and serves as strategic guidance provider and oversight body for the project.  The PSC is the key decision-making body for the project and provides policy guidelines, review project progress against targeted results and tracks financial delivery. The PSC members include representatives from relevant ministries and departments of the Government of Bangladesh and respective development partners.

The Project Board (PB), chaired by the NPD, is responsible to oversee the implementation of project activities. The PB is responsible for preparing and endorsing the annual and quarterly work plans and progress reports. It supervises the overall project implementation and day-today management of the project.  Comprises with the representatives from UP and UZP, UNOs, the UNDP and the UNCDF, the Project Coordination and Management meetings are being held regularly to aide the Project Board (PB).

The Project Assurance (PA) role is vested with the UNDP and the UNCDF. The Local Governance Cluster of UNDP has overall responsibility for quality assurance, with the technical support of the UNCDF, for the project. The PA is to ensure that the project deliver planned outputs as per the annual work plan, project document and results on the basis of monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports.