UZGP Objectives and Purpose

The overall objective of the Upazila Governance project is:

Government institutions at the national and sub-national levels are able to more effectively carry out their mandates, including delivery of public services, in a more accountable, transparent and inclusive manner.”

The specific objective of the project is “to strengthen the capacities of local governments and other stakeholders to foster participatory local development services for the MDGs.”

To achieve the goals and overall objectives, the project has four outputs:


Upazila Governance Project
Output Target Coverage
Output 1: Strengthened Upazila Parishads as more functional, transparent and accountable 487 Upazila Parishads
Output 2: Strengthened Planning and Budgetary system at UZP with MDG orientation and pro-poor service delivery mechanism 14 Upazila Parishads/Year on competition basis from 65 target UZP
Output 3: Strengthened national capacity for effective policy review, monitoring, lesson learning and capacity development of local government institutions (LGIs) for enhanced Local Governance. Nationwide
Output 4: Effective Project Management Arrangements Project Offices