MIS Upazila Governance Project

Upazila Governance Project MIS designed and developed by MIS Officer, UZGP to collect Web base Field Monitoring Reports from all around Bangladesh. Currently Piloting 07 districts 65 Upazilas data are coming monthly basis. Divisional Field Monitoring Reports depend on visiting of Upazilas by Divisional Facilitators (DF’s) along with DLG’s. At the end of the month compile reports with basic analysis and comparison between pilot and control Upazilas has been produced based on submitted data by MIS Officer for the top management and all stakeholders. This MIS system designed dynamically along with reporting system, so once data are submitted reports are producing by single clicks by the system admin. Software users can update/edit their inputs up to a certain period of time but once system admin approved their submission they are not allowed to edit or update from their end. This kind of mechanism established to avoid data manipulation as well as security concern. Database server are maintained by MIS Officer, UZGP. Regular backup are taken by the IT team for avoiding any kinds of inconveniences.

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